Another Addicted Pervert!

I present you today another one of my faithful phone fuckers!! We have only been talking for maybe a month and already he is head over heels addicted! Sending me this awesome picture proves it! So now I'll tell you a little about "M". He is a super big pervert. I mean creepy, stalker status. I love it though! I have so much love for my perverts out there! I always have a lot of fun chatting with M and even more when I degrade him during our humiliation phone sex calls!
The last call we did was a cuckold fantasy, a Big Black Cock Cuckold Fantasy to be exact. My naughty phone slave M is willing to do anything for his Mistress! He was hesitant at first but finally he decided he would do what I was asking of him, which was to suck that BBC. It was no surprise though, M always does everything I tell him to do! Something else that M likes is for me to watch him stroke his cock on web cam.
So I guess I'll add this picture to the collection. It is really one of my favorites! I love it when a sub is up for writing on his throbbing, hard cock his Mistress' name in permanent marker! Ahhhh.... pussy whipping submissive phone sex sluts, it's what I do best!! Anyone else out there think they are pathetic enough, sissy enough and/or submissive enough to be my cock jerking loser? Prove it! How do you do that, you ask. Well you can start by calling me and giving me your credit card number... idiot.
Maybe you are into the opposite role, as sometimes my phone sex jerker boy M is. Well I don't play the submissive role very often but I can't say that I never do. It's just once in a great while I guess. M learned that as well. Isn't that right M? You tried to play the dominant role at times in the beginning but you didn't get very far did you? That doesn't mean it isn't possible however. Just call me and tell me what your fantasy roleplay is and maybe I'll agree to it.
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