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Introduction just for Try.

Introduction -kl/ro_M
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Objectives -p2]Zox?_M
·         Online Shopping.
·         ljleGg :j/f]huf/ tyf lzkd'ns tflnd .
·         hLjg ljdf tyf lghL{jg ljdf sDkgLsf] Ph]G6 .
·         ljleGg sDkgLx?sf] l:js[tLnLO{ Ph]G6sf] ?kdf sfd ug]{ .
·         6«feN; P08 6';{ ;DalGw sfo{ ug]{ .
·         C.T.E.V.T. af6 l:js[lt tyf dfGotf k|fKt ul/ ljleGg tflndx?sf] Joj:yf ug]{ .
·         k|fO{e]6 P;=Pn=;L= tyf ljleGg efiffsIffx? ;~rfng ug]{ .
·         a}+lsË sf]if{ tyf g]kfn /fi6« a}+ssf] nfuL tof/L sIff ;~rfng ug]{ .
·         sdf]l8l6h dlg PS;h]Gh tyf dlg 6«fG;km/sf] Ph]G6 eO{ sfo{ ug]{ .
·         s[lif If]qnfO{ k|f]T;fxg ub}{ s[lif If]qsf] ahf/ k|jw{g ug]{ .
·         ljleGg ;fdfg vl/b laqmL tyf 7]Ssf k§f ;DalGw sfo{ ug]{ .
·         ;Dk"0f{ O{n]S6«f]lgS; ;fdfgx?sf] vl/b tyf ljqmL .
·         xl:k6n Equipment x?sf] vl/b tyf ljqmL .
·         Used Vehicles purchase and sales.
·         Furniture equipment purchase and sales.
·         Daily necessary equipment purchase and sales.
·         Mobiles, Laptops, Printer, Photocopy (Office equipment) and accessories purchase and sales.

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